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5 Easy Ways to Boost Holiday Sales In-Store and Online

March 3, 2024
dispensary credit card

Gifting cannabis is becoming increasingly popular during the busy holiday sales season. Tips to increase your dispensary's in-store and online sales.

1. Encourage online-to-store shopping

Convenience is an essential aspect of a successful retail experience. That's why buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS) is growing popular. BOPIS is known as "click and collect in states that allow curbside pickup." Online purchase orders and in-store pickup are now possible with Sprout Processing digital payments' solution. Increase revenues, improve in-store checkout, and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

2. Set up a "quick gift" display at the pickup.

According to Invest, almost half of traditional retail customers who used BOPIS added items to their online order and picked them up in-store. You can stimulate a second transaction by placing a gift shop near the pickup. A gift is only allowed in adult-use cannabis businesses. Currently, medical cannabis/marijuana cannot be gifted.

3. Accept cashless payments.

Cashless and contactless payments can speed up the payment process. Customers who pay through bank-to-bank transfers also spend more per transaction. Book a demo with Sprout Processing to see how cashless payments may help your cannabis store.

4. Consider the store's traffic flow.

Did you know that after entering a store, most people walk counterclockwise? Some hypotheses explain this by our natural tendency to imitate traffic laws. By implementing stunning visual holiday retail displays throughout your business, you can significantly increase overall sales and prompt customers to buy more holiday presents.

5. Pre-pay for home delivery orders.

According to Eaze's State of Cannabis 2020 report, cannabis delivery services were in great demand throughout winter 2020. 2021 is on course to deliver record levels. With Sprout Processing, dispensaries can collect digital prepayments instead of cash at the time of delivery. This cashless alternative increases sales per delivery transaction and eliminates the operational strain of cash management.

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