5 Ways Cannabis Delivery Can Help You Expand Your Business

March 3, 2024
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Businesses are being pushed to react to the growing demand for legal cannabis as more Americans obtain access to it. As more states legalize marijuana, increased demand drives cannabis businesses to expand their operations. This involves offering customers the option of receiving their orders via delivery.

In only a few short years, the industry has made significant progress toward a better consumer experience. Convenience is vital, and cannabis delivery services ensure that products are available to all legal users. An online delivery marketplace has several advantages, such as reaching more customers, offering digital payment options, and increasing the average purchase size.

Let's look at a few of the essential advantages of cannabis delivery for your dispensary:

1. Increases the size of your market

What routes do your consumers take to get to your dispensary? They probably live nearby or have heard about your store from a friend. While foot traffic is a good start, cannabis delivery is essential for growing your reach. Adding an online delivery service to your dispensary will make it more visible, expand your customer base, and give you a competitive advantage.

2. Make a digital payment alternative available.

Forcing customers to use an ATM or charging them a fee at the store can be really annoying. This can make people spend less and be less likely to come back.Including a delivery option is a terrific way to incorporate integrated payments that allow customers to pay in advance online. To make sure your customers have a smooth payment experience, many big delivery companies are using digital payment solutions that meet the required standards.

3. Raise the average order value.

Customers reduce their in-store purchases due to insufficient cash or lack of time for in-person shopping. Customers can choose items from your market at their leisure with the help of a delivery service. Customers will order more things utilizing a digital payment option because cash is not restricted in their wallets. Cannabis businesses improve their delivery orders by an average of 40% when they use Sprout Processing.

4. Increase the number of orders placed.

Even your most devoted consumers don't come to your dispensary daily. Even if they want to buy more items, they may not have the time to visit your store. Customers can place orders at their leisure when using a legal delivery service. This ease of use improves order frequency and encourages customers to return.

5. Make things more accessible

Some people may not be able to buy in person due to health issues, safety concerns, lack of transportation, or other reasons.To offer a safe and easy option for in-store shopping, consider providing delivery services to your customers and potential buyers.

Cannabis delivery services are crucial for your dispensary's future success. Using a delivery service can help your company expand market share, streamline payments, increase average order size, foster customer loyalty, and enhance accessibility.

Cannabis delivery laws vary by state, but more and more state legislatures are supporting and regulating this practice.Cannabis delivery companies like Amuse thrive even in California, where rules make delivery difficult. Delivery companies like Zip Run are expected to expand their services to reach less developed areas and provide cannabis delivery to people in Massachusetts.

Having a reliable and well-integrated digital payment system is crucial in order to make cannabis delivery feasible. Sprout Processing stands out as a leading digital payment solution for cannabis delivery services. It has helped many cannabis delivery companies with their payments. Learn more about how Sprout Processing optimizes payments for cannabis delivery by clicking here.

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