Best Dispensary Deals During the Holidays

December 18, 2022
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With the holidays quickly coming, now is the ideal time to draw clients in with your most excellent offers. Even though you'll probably hold cannabis discounts, promotions, and events all year long, the last month of the year offers a unique chance. Larger crowds are attracted during holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve, and these customers are eager to spend their present money. It takes imagination, preparation, and excellent cannabis software to create dispensary discounts. Let's consider how you may implement these holiday promotions for your company.

Gift Cards

In the realm of presents, gift cards are a staple growing in popularity. Gift card use at cannabis businesses increased tenfold in 2021, according to the market. We at Sprout Processing noticed a similar pattern with gift cards among our consumers in 2022. This is a sizable market where your dispensary might make sales. Gift cards not only bring customers into your business (who are fresh leads), but they also bring the purchaser of the gift card, giving you a chance to sell to them. Lastly, gift cards may occasionally go unused, generating revenue for your shop without requiring you to sell any product.

Gift cards come with many benefits and are simple to include in loyalty programs for the holidays, discounts, and other events. Profit from your popularity with consumers and promote your gift cards on your website, in-store, and at checkout. Think about adding incentives for buying gift cards as well. For instance, a consumer may get a discount on their overall purchase or select products in your business if they buy a gift card for a specified amount.

"It's interesting to note that redemptions of already-purchased gift cards rise throughout Christmas. So when less frequent customers decide to visit, using gift cards is a terrific method to keep them in mind."

Holiday Discounts and Store Sales

Although it may seem apparent for a piece on holiday discounts to mention holiday sales, we wanted to expand on this a little. Holidays are ideal for generating interest in your shop among clients. Your business has the goods they need, whether they're seeking anything to make family obligations easier or to help them enjoy events and time with friends more. Lean on the propensity for purchasing an existing Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holiday themes. These facilitate the development of profitable marketing and promotional initiatives.

It's crucial to keep the sale's purpose in mind while planning your holiday sales. Are you attempting to boost sales of well-liked goods? Promoting goods with poor sales? Obtain new clients? Pay attention to the goals you have for the sale. Utilize sales data to determine what your clients are drawn to. Next, divide the groups depending on factors such as shopping cart size, frequency of visits, and demographics. Your sales are more likely to connect with your consumers if they are more customized. You may better allocate resources to maximize your promotional activities' effects by taking a concentrated strategy.

Rewards for Loyalty During the Holidays

Your devoted consumers will make or break your dispensary while attracting new customers is crucial to its success and survival. Loyal clients increase sales and act as brand ambassadors for their dispensaries. Therefore, any dispensary discount plan must include rewarding your regular consumers. The holidays are ideal for thanking your top clients and increasing sales.

Provide customized discounts and promotions for your devoted consumers and reward program participants. By the conclusion of the fourth quarter, this will improve client happiness and loyalty for the coming year and grow your business. These specials should run independently from your holiday season's general sales and boost discounts and savings. Differentiate your rewards depending on your consumers' product preferences, demographics, and average spending, just as you would with other sales. You'll make more money if you do this, and your reward programs will be successful.

Sales and promotions for the new year on December 31

New Year's is one more opportunity to maximize your sales targets as the year comes to a close. Year-end sales provide one last chance to celebrate a productive year or make up for missed income. An occasion like New Year's Eve encourages people to buy marijuana before going out and makes it simple to create marketing campaigns around it. Additionally, the end of the season offers a chance to start a countdown for dispensary discounts and promotions. By being able to accept credit at your dispensary, customers are guaranteed to spend more.

Campaigns with a deadline are an effective strategy for dispensaries. Customers do not want to forfeit money since they sense the deadline is approaching. The end of the year is the ideal time to design promotions with more savings for your clients because other periods could not always offer such steep reductions. The chance to increase out-of-date and unpopular inventory towards the end of the year also allows you to make way for the new items you'll be introducing in the spring. These offers may continue to boost traffic following the holiday rush into the new year.

Advance Sprout Processing Insights

Excellent software is required for a successful Christmas season. Your software should give you complete control over your data because it is a potent instrument for developing promotions and expanding your consumer base. We know the answer. Sprout Processing Insights and Sprout Processing Insights Advanced provide robust reporting and analytics in a user-friendly dashboard for Sprout Processing users. Cannabis shops powered by Sprout Processing can drill down into information and make data-driven choices, giving them a competitive edge. We have advanced ATM analytics for your dispensary’s ATM, as well as a back-end dashboard to give you insights on your debit card and credit card sales at your dispensary.


For cannabis businesses, the Christmas season is a crucial time to increase sales and provide discounts at dispensaries. Making the most of the season depends on clever, targeted marketing that rewards regular consumers and encourages new ones to buy. Utilize your sales data to customize your campaigns to the distinctive differentiators of your target audience and fully utilize cannabis technologies like Sprout Processing Insights. We hope you have a prosperous year's end and a joyous Christmas season. We can assist you if you want to start the new year by selecting a POS dispensary for 2023. Please schedule a demo with our team and explore our industry-leading tools, such as a fully compliant credit and debit card processing solution built for dispensaries. Let's get started!

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