Cannabis Cashless ATMs Outages Explained

December 1, 2022
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Cashless ATMs are not compliant. Sprout Processing is fully complaint.

There are signs that the card networks may heed their earlier advisories that marijuana purchase transactions are not permitted on their ATM networks. The cashless ATM era for cannabis can end if there is a widespread shutdown.

Contrary to popular belief, cashless ATMs may soon become obsolete because of their popularity as a short-term cannabis payment option.

The operation of the cashless ATMs relied on keeping the nature of the transactions hidden from the persons processing them, but as the number of cashless ATMs grew, it became harder to conceal what they were doing. Making.

Due to the growing volume, suppliers had to turn to bigger banks and processors, who would suffer if they violated the terms of the Visa and Mastercard networks.

Three Entities Needed For Payment Processing

The three legs of a cashless ATM are a financial institution, a card network (such as Visa, Mastercard, etc.), and a processor. If you take off one leg, everything comes to a standstill.

A broad closure that eliminates multiple significant companies may be challenging to recover from since so few banking institutions and ATM processors are willing to accept cannabis cashless ATM transactions knowingly.

Enforcing the laws entails

Cannabis transactions of any type are not permitted on Visa's or Mastercard's networks, as has been made very apparent. In a document published in December 2021, Visa warned against using its ATM network for cannabis transactions that were ostensibly ATM withdrawals and that doing so would result in penalties. Participants in the cannabis cashless ATM program received a letter from Mastercard in the summer of 2022.

It's difficult to shut down cashless ATMs utilized for marijuana transactions. To stop fraudulent transactions, Visa and Mastercard must depend on processors and financial institutions. They are unable to ban transactions themselves.

ATM processors and banking organizations said they were unable to distinguish between cash transactions involving cannabis and those involving legal cash distribution. Voucher machines are utilized by cashless ATMs (or banking stations), which means banning all of them is not an option. Voucher machines are also used for authorized cash withdrawals.

Third-party cashless ATM resellers sometimes submit ATM contracts with wrong addresses and company names, further complicating the situation.

Visa and Mastercard have released a white paper with tips on recognizing cannabis firms and transactions to aid processors in detecting cannabis transactions.

Visa expects to start implementing its network regulations, which would cause a global shutdown, one year after it issued its warning letter and after allowing processors and financial institutions time to put the advice in the white paper into practice.

What's Next?

Since the popularity of cashless ATMs, cannabis payments have advanced significantly. By being able to accept credit cards, your business will not only attract new customers but will get them to spend more.

It may take some time before it is clear how severe and broad the most recent shutdown of cashless ATMs was, but we hope it will spur more dispensaries to switch to a more advanced and compliant payment method. Sprout Processing has built transparent relationships with banks and processors and offers fully compliant both credit and debit card processing for dispensaries.

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