Cannabis Delivery through E-commerce

November 26, 2022
e-commerce payment processing cannabis

Payment platforms want to enable dispensaries and online cannabis delivery services to function like any other business as the cannabis market expands. The company only accepted cash as payment for cannabis until recently. People frequently inquire, "do dispensaries accept credit cards?" Sprout Processing has built a fully compliant credit card and debit card processing solution built specifically for the cannabis industry. Customers frequently inquire about nearby cannabis deliveries and how to pay for them. Dispensaries may now give their consumers a cashless and cardless payment alternative while streamlining their business operations thanks to fully compliant credit card and debit card processing for dispensaries, like Sprout Processing. Businesses anticipate that Sprout Processing will boost sales while enabling customers to avoid using ATMs and save money.

Remote payments

Contactless cannabis delivery payments to dispensaries are one of Sprout Processing's main advantages. Online ordering allows customers to place and pay in advance without worrying about having enough money to cover their orders. Customers spend more money when paying with credit card transfers rather than cash. Customers that utilize Sprout Processing to make their payments are more likely to return to the exact dispensary: 75% of them do so.

Offering e-commerce cannabis delivery payments is a game-changer since it is not only free for the customer and more convenient for all parties but also because acceptance rates for e-commerce cannabis are at an all-time high following the pandemic. These trends are projected to persist.

Possibility of tipping your driver

Deliverers of cannabis make sure consumers receive their orders on time every day. Before completing their online cannabis purchase, clients can tip their driver with Sprout Processing. Customers can enter an optional tip amount at the checkout screen. The decision to enable or disable this function is up to the company, but studies have shown that when staff members are satisfied, customers will be as well.

Ecommerce Integrations for Cannabis

60% of all millennials' purchases are made online. Sprout Processing has an API to connect e-commerce platforms for a one-click payment process. Through online integrations, paying for delivery or pickup orders from the dispensary's mobile or website checkout page is simple.

Customer Retention

Sprout Processing adoption is simple. Customers register online, link their bank accounts, and complete the payment process. Every transaction is safe, legal, and supported by Safe Harbor, the top banking program for cannabis businesses. Dispensaries can rest easy knowing that their money is secure in a bank that helps them adhere to national banking regulations. Your company could succeed or fail based on secure dispensary payments. Additionally, all cannabis payments are contactless, which is how consumers want to purchase.

Both cannabis delivery persons and customers are safer when no cash is involved. Robberies are common targets for cannabis deliveries since they are known to have significant volumes of cannabis and cash on hand. Customers may also feel more comfortable after making their payment online because delivery might occasionally become more nefarious. In the end, upfront payments for e-commerce cannabis are more comparable to other delivery services in other marketplaces, improving the accessibility of the buying process.

A tried-and-true strategy is to provide a cannabis delivery service. For instance, many California dispensaries and delivery companies allow contactless payment processing using Sprout Processing. Sprout Processing can help with delivery payments in states where marijuana is accepted as currency. Every cannabis transaction is thoroughly tracked and recorded. As a result, each dispensary gains access to a bigger market by offering delivery services. When you accept credit card payments at your dispensary, a customer's average basket size goes up tremendously.

Dashboard reviewing compliant credit card processing for dispensaries.

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