How a greater grasp of data may help dispensaries succeed

March 3, 2024
credit cards for dispensaries

The cannabis industry has grown a lot due to new laws that make it easier to use and distribute cannabis.The industry is ripe for entrepreneurs, with a projected growth rate of 26.7 percent between 2021 and 2028.

To maximize return on investment, it is important to understand the industry and adapt to market changes. The legalization of cannabis in some states has increased the available data for businesses to make decisions.

Recognizing important market trends

Cannabis companies cannot rely on past purchasing habits to shape their consumer strategies due to the relatively new and immature nature of the cannabis market.Positioning a product in the right market segment is critical to its success.

Organizations can analyze transactional data to identify which products are being sold and to whom. They can look at different characteristics such as demographics, seasonality, and delivery mode. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for cannabis due to the many accessible strains and customer demographics.

Furthermore, the cannabis industry's infancy and considerable investment in product innovation have resulted in a very volatile market. If businesses want to remain successful, they must quickly adapt to changing customer trends.

Executives can use data to help them create long-term corporate plans and set achievable goals through data-driven decision-making.

Identify areas where you can improve

Many businesses still rely on hunches and experiences to make decisions, but this can be inaccurate and often fails to address the root causes.It can be difficult for organizations, both young and old, to spot flaws in their business without access to the correct measurements.

There are numerous areas for improvement in the data, ranging from product design to customer service. If businesses are to scale successfully, they must turn the potential of their data into actionable insights.

Data analytics systems provide important metrics for deciding how a business can grow using automated rules. Many platforms have KPI measures and self-service tools for users to create custom business rules. This means that businesses can use analytics to best meet their needs.

Observing regulatory policies

The industry's legal status is complex, resulting in numerous regulations and legislation that must be followed for long-term sustainability. Even in regions where cannabis has been authorized, regulatory organizations maintain strict criteria for product quality and delivery. Many of these difficulties are exacerbated because each region in which a company operates has its own set of regulations.

Companies need a reliable analytics platform to track product data throughout its journey from cultivation to retail. This platform is important because it ensures that the necessary standards are followed and enforced through data collection methods. Enterprise data solutions help reduce penalties caused by human error and manage information governance for companies through automated functions.

Organizations can save time and energy by reducing employee labor costs for compliance, allowing employees to focus on other company operations. Sprout Processing developed a compliant credit card processing solution for marijuana dispensaries.

Supply chain processes should be optimized.

Supply chains have always used data to track product movement and ensure that inventories meet market demand across different industries. Businesses must use complete analytics solutions due to the limited shelf life and complicated restrictions of cannabis.

Because the cannabis sector is unpredictable, businesses need real-time data reports to react quickly and effectively to changing market trends. Companies must respond quickly to several risks and potential impediments that can occur at any point in the supply chain. Being able to handle small problems before they turn into big ones can really affect how well a company does in the short and long term.

Data analytics can enhance supply chain activities, increase a company's return on investment, and address potential issues. Companies can save time and money by synchronizing schedules, maximizing loads, organizing inventories, and addressing other potential areas of weakness. Book a demo and learn more about our dispensary payment processing solutions.

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