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The dangerous game of using a Cashless ATM

March 5, 2024
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There is currently a compliant cannabis payment system available.

When Visa published a statement headlined "Cashless ATM" and "Misuse of ATM Transactions Prohibited," the cannabis business newswire exploded.

Cashless ATMs are mainly advertised to merchants who can't get payment services because of Visa Rules, restrictions from other networks, or legal/regulatory prohibitions. Therefore, supporting this scheme affects the integrity of VisaNet, the Plus network, and the Visa payment 

This announcement has influenced the cannabis industry, as many firms have turned to Cashless ATMs to alternative traditional retail payment methods.

So, what's the other option? A payment solution is now available, assisting many businesses in accepting compliant, cashless payments. Visa also stated that "Misuse of cashless ATMs "will be subject to non-compliance assessments and penalties."

Sprout Processing is the cannabis industry's compliant payment option.

Cannabis businesses can compliantly process both credit and debit, in-store or cashless payments online and in-store with Sprout Processing. Customers can scan and pay in-store or from their phones directly. Our solution is true and tested - currently being used by some of the biggest retailers in the nation.

What is the procedure for using Sprout Processing?

Sprout Processing is a payment solution that has gone by various names in the cannabis business. Our solutions are perfect for in-store, e-commerce, or delivery services. We have partnered with every entity needed to process a compliant solution for the cannabis industry.

Schedule a demo now to learn more about how Sprout Processing can help your cannabis business online and in-store.

Dashboard reviewing compliant credit card processing for dispensaries.

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