The most secure method of payment for a cannabis delivery is contactless transactions.

March 3, 2024
apple pay payments for cannabis

It's time to eliminate cash from your cannabis business.

The best way for dispensaries to ensure payments is by using cashless and contactless payment systems, which are now common for businesses in all sectors of the economy. However, the most secure methods of paying for cannabis for delivery, in particular, are ACH or bank-to-bank transactions.

Businesses are converting more and more to contactless payment methods. Businesses that still take ATM or cash payments might fall behind and lose customers and profits. Consumers already find cashless transactions to be considerably simpler in general, especially when buying cannabis.

Pay-as-you-go options improve the customer experience and increase the chances for delivery workers to receive tips they deserve.

Here are some reasons why cashless payment methods are becoming required for cannabis delivery and e-commerce.

Why is it preferable to use contactless payments for cannabis delivery?

Consumers and company owners favor contactless payments for various reasons, mainly when delivering cannabis. Although cannabis is legal for recreational use in almost half of the country, purchasing marijuana has always been challenging. Thankfully, cannabis dispensary applications are now considered the norm. Business owners are finding safer and simpler ways to collect payments thanks to recent technological advancements.

Customers, especially Millennials and Gen Z consumers, mostly prefer marijuana merchant accounts and cannabis payment processing, specifically through dispensary payment applications.

Paying with a contactless device is safer and more effective.

One of the critical motives for using a bank-to-bank transfer option for their transactions is security for cannabis business owners.

Why wouldn't a cannabis delivery business that doesn't accept payment be more secure and effective? Additionally, many financial institutions make it simple to remotely freeze, block, or destroy your contactless payment account. Accepting digital payments reduces the risk of fraud and missed sales for suppliers.

Cash management for delivery drivers can be problematic.

The issue of having cash readily available has been a major concern in the context of cannabis delivery payments. Many times, drivers worry about handling significant sums of money. Of course, some risk has always been associated with carrying physical cash. However, the risk for cannabis delivery drivers grows significantly when traveling door-to-door for rapid transactions.

No one wants to be known as just a regular cannabis seller, especially in the competitive cannabis market. Fortunately, contactless and digital payments can significantly lower the theft risk for consumers and dispensers.

Cashless transactions enhance the consumer experience for deliveries.

When purchasing and receiving cannabis, end users desire a seamless and straightforward process. Handling cash or using other inconvenient methods is a problem for everyone, no matter their background or stance on the matter, whether it's for medical or recreational reasons.

Consumers are significantly satisfied and feel more confident using contactless and cashless payment options after coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, with so many digital possibilities available, individuals of all types can enjoy shopping at their preferred and ideal dispensary. Additionally, they don't have to go out of their way to make a cash withdrawal to tip.

Gain an advantage over your rivals with contactless payments.

In 2022, using cashless and contactless payment methods will be the most practical way to pay for things. With this in mind, using digital payment options is undoubtedly the finest approach to edge out the competition. Sprout Processing developed a technology platform for cannabis credit and debit card processing.Sprout Processing's cannabis payment platform simplifies financing for cannabis businesses and facilitates payments for cannabis deliveries. Sprout Processing is the trustworthy ally your delivery company needs. They offer safe, contactless payment options that can accept both credit and debit cards for your dispensary or delivery service. Customers can use various digital payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or saved cards on their phone to pay for cannabis with Sprout Processing.

Dashboard reviewing compliant credit card processing for dispensaries.

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