Throw A Cannabis-Filled Christmas Party

March 3, 2024
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Holidays can be stressful, but now we have cannabis as a new way to relax and enjoy the occasion. There is a growing movement to include cannabis in holiday celebrations as it becomes more accepted in society. We've given you creative ideas to make your Christmas party more eco-friendly. Here are some new customs, whether you're throwing a cannabis-themed celebration for close friends and family or a Christmas gathering for budtenders at a dispensary.

Dispensary Savings Season is here.

During the holiday season, your dispensary clients are highly receptive to festive promotions. Customers spend more money on expensive items for holidays, gifts, and parties. There is a greater emphasis on holiday marketing as the day approaches. You could have a 12-day Christmas sale with a different discount every day. Your strategies for energizing shoppers include bonus loyalty program rewards points for purchases, coupons for future savings, and seasonal presents.

Have fun with your Christmas trees.

Unusual Christmas gifts are a popular choice for giving (and receiving)! ), so why not include cannabis in the festivities? Dispensaries can stock festive cannabis accessories for the holidays to boost sales. These may include candy cane-flavored rolling papers, cannabis-themed decorations, and other items.

You can also stock your dispensary with lighters, papers, blunt separators, glass tips, grinders, and other accessories to create "Stoner Stocking Stuffers."

Explore a unique Christmas flavor to commemorate Kush-Mas.

You've probably heard of Advent calendars; now it's time to modernize the custom! A gift that will bring joy and inspire them to learn about the different strains of cannabis you sell. You can even recommend seasonal songs to enhance their experience. Ensure that your budtenders are knowledgeable about promoting Jack Frost, Candy Cane, and Hazelnut Cream to your customers during the holiday season.

Having a Bud Bar with cannabis-infused drinks

Cannabis cocktails allow people to consume cannabis without smoking, whether they work with a cannabis company or make their own. Share complimentary cannabis cocktail recipes that incorporate tinctures or infusers, simplifying the process of creating delicious cocktails. Provide easy-to-follow cocktail recipes for distribution. tYour dispensary can store a variety of affordable infusion products from the infuser company Ardent, to give away or start the party. Start the party. What's best? Your guests can participate at their own pace by choosing to drink alcohol-infused cannabis cocktails or ones without it.

Enjoy your munchies.

Keep simple Christmas recipes handy for infusing cannabis into drinks and snacks. Simply substitute infused oil, cannabis tincture, or cannabis butter in any standard recipe for "improved" holiday sweets. But don't forget to provide guests with healthy food as well! Tell your customers that they can spend with their credit cards at your dispensary.

You can eliminate Santa's cash expenditures by utilizing Sprout Processing.

Don't accept cash from Santa. Get ready to cater to holiday customers at your dispensary! We have a fully compliant credit card and debit card processing solution built for the cannabis industry.

Contact us immediately to set up your dispensary for more excellent seasonal sales!

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