Throw A Cannabis-Filled Christmas Party

December 21, 2022
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The holidays might be stressful, but with the legalization and increased accessibility of cannabis, there is a new option to unwind and take pleasure in the occasion. There is a growing movement to include cannabis in holiday celebrations as it becomes more accepted in society. With these inventive suggestions for adding a bit more "green" to your Christmas party, we've helped you get the celebration off to a great start. Here are some new customs, whether you're throwing a cannabis-themed celebration for close friends and family or a Christmas gathering for budtenders at a dispensary.

Dispensary Savings Season is here.

Your dispensary clients are significantly open to festive promotions during the holiday season. In addition to their regular purchases, customers are more likely to spend a little extra on more expensive things to conserve money for the holidays, gift-giving, and parties. Therefore, your holiday marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive, with a growing focus on holiday marketing as the day gets closer. For instance, you might plan a 12-day Christmas sale with a different discount each day for all of your consumers to take advantage of. Additional strategies for energizing shoppers include bonus loyalty program rewards points for purchases, coupons for future savings, and seasonal presents.

Have fun with your Christmas trees.

Weird Christmas gifts are popular to give (and receive! ), so why not include cannabis in the festivities? There is no shortage of festive cannabis accessories that your dispensary can stock for the holidays to generate quick sales, including candy cane-flavored cigarette papers, cannabis holiday decorations, and more.

Even better, you may stock your dispensary with lighters, papers, blunt separators, glass tips, grinders, and other seasonal accouterments to make your custom "Stoner Stocking Stuffers."

Discover a new Christmas flavor to celebrate Kush-Mas.

You've probably heard of Advent calendars; now it's time to modernize the custom! It will not only be a pleasant gift (or treat for yourself!), but it will also give them a positive approach to learning more about the strains of cannabis you sell, especially when you can suggest seasonal songs! Make sure your budtenders are familiar with the more positive pressures to present Jack Frost, Candy Cane, and Hazelnut Cream to your holiday clientele. We can also decorate your dispensary's ATM machine with custom branding.

Having a Bud Bar with cannabis-infused drinks

Cannabis cocktails are a way for clients to consume cannabis without lighting up, whether they choose to work with a professional cannabis firm or create their own. Place free cannabis cocktail recipes close to tinctures or infusers that make cocktail crafting simple, and print out some simple cocktail recipes to hand out to consumers. Your dispensary can stockpile various affordable infusion goods from the infuser business Ardent, ready to give away or start the party. What's best? Your guests can participate at their own pace by choosing to drink alcohol-infused cannabis cocktails or ones without it.

Enjoy your munchies.

Make sure you have some straightforward Christmas recipes close by your infusers, edibles, and tinctures because infusers are fabulous for cannabis drinks and nibbles. Simply substitute infused oil, cannabis tincture, or cannabis butter in any standard recipe for "improved" holiday sweets. But don't forget to provide guests with healthy food as well! Tell your customers that then can spend with their credit cards at your dispensary

Avoid having Santa spend cash by using Sprout Processing

The only thing you don't want to do is have Santa pay cash, so get your dispensary ready for holiday customers! We have a fully compliant credit card and debit card processing solution built for the cannabis industry.

Contact us immediately to set up your dispensary for more excellent seasonal sales!

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