Tips For Digital Marketing To Prepare Your Cannabis Store For Cyber Monday 2022

November 24, 2022
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Cyber Monday is the final day of "The Turkey 5," a five-day retail period after Thanksgiving. Turkey 6 for the marijuana-related businesses that also receive Green Wednesday! Not all dispensaries take advantage of Cyber Monday, which is quickly rising to the top-grossing day of Turkey's weekend sales stretch, because cannabis laws and regulations differ from state to state.

Reach out to customers online to increase your Cyber Monday sales. This is where you want them to find your company. Dispensaries must make sure that their website is straightforward for customers to use, has exceptional customer service, and makes it simple for them to generate sales, build local brand awareness, and attract new customers as fully legalized marijuana becomes more prevalent even when it is late.

Cyber Monday Statistics

Black Friday used to be the final day for retail shoppers to find the best discounts. However, Cyber Monday has gradually gained ground over the past decade.

Approximately 63 million individuals want to purchase during Cyber Monday sales.

With a 77% surge in orders, online dispensary sales last year exceeded all previous records.

In prior years, sales on Cyber Monday have topped $188 billion.

Smartphones account for more than 37% of Cyber Monday transactions.

Online buyers who support small firms are nearly 50% more inclined to pay more.

Increase Your Dispensary's Social Media Presence

Due to regulations and prohibitions, it may be challenging for dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) to market their Cyber Monday 2022 discounts. Fortunately, there is a workable fix for that. Social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are well-liked among cannabis users, and you can grow a sizable following by posting content frequently on these sites. This is a simple approach to inform clients of future Cyber Monday specials, new products, in-store activities, and staff favorites.

Utilize email and text marketing to contact them directly.

Although social media reaches a large audience, maintaining existing ties with your consumers will help your dispensary's Cyber Monday campaign succeed. It's time to start if your dispensary doesn't already use email and text marketing to communicate with your current clientele. Offer an incentive to join your email/text program both online and in-person and then use promotions to stay top-of-mind and promote your Cyber Monday bargains in advance.

Gift guides can help you promote your Cyber Monday deals.

Publishing a dispensary holiday gift guide is one of the best ways to reach customers and generate excitement for your Cyber Monday 2022 deals. In this guide, you can highlight seasonal items, featured products, brands, special offers you'll be offering for the holidays, and gift ideas the casual shopper might not be familiar with. Gift lists benefit your dispensaries in two key ways: The first thing they do is give you a thorough list of the best-selling items in your dispensary. Your dispensary website's SEO (search engine optimization) can also be significantly improved by using gift guides. It's simple for new clients to find your dispensary and bring business to you when you have a high SEO ranking.

Offer unique products on the internet

People appreciate special offers, and internet discounts let them shop whenever they want. To keep shoppers coming back to see what offers you'll publish next, you can advertise your most significant sales from Green Wednesday to Cyber Monday and provide unique flash specials online. To encourage clients to check for deals, you could include online-only teasers in your gift guide and emails/texts. Limited-time deals and stocks only available for a short period attract customers to buy, so be sure to inform clients beforehand and prepare your discount codes!

Utilize video to capture their interest.

Regarding cannabis items, some customers need encouragement to make a purchase rather than just browse. Video content can help with that; consider brief product videos as a 24/7 expert buddy for online buyers. You can upload videos on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and YouTube. You can also link to the videos in mass emails, social media posts, and text messages. Use video footage to explain new items, respond to frequently asked questions, or evaluate or unbox new products. To help customers make wise Cyber Monday purchases, video material is also helpful for showing how to use goods or accessories.

Make it simple to purchase your dispensary.

Website Dispensaries need good web design, especially as the sector becomes more mainstream. But for Cyber Monday, it's crucial to ensure your website is operating at peak efficiency. Remember that your website contributes to a customer's "first impression" of your dispensary. Therefore it must be simple to use. In addition, your dispensary's online and in-store shopping experiences must be as similar as possible. This requires you to put time and effort into your photographs, descriptions, filtering options, and methods for allowing customers to leave product reviews.

Make sure that clients can quickly access the following on the dispensary's main page:

The "About Us" page, the FAQ page, the dispensary blog, the search bar, and the product categories are all included below (including built-in ways for customers to dial directly from a smartphone or send an email).

Allow Customers to Avoid Lines by Accepting Online Payments

One point on which consumers can agree is that part of the attractiveness of Cyber Monday sales is avoiding the line by shopping online. However, the most convenient aspect of Cyber Monday is not being offered to your dispensary clients if they can only place orders online. Cannabis users will still need to make an extraordinary journey to pick up their purchase unless your dispensary or local laws permit you to offer delivery services. Don't make them stop somewhere else to get money! You risk having a cart that has been abandoned if your cyber offerings need them to make a second stop still.

With Sprout Processing, expand your dispensaries on Cyber Monday.

Because of this, Sprout Processing must be at your dispensary on Cyber Monday, 2022. Give customers the easy payment options they want, including online payments, card payments, ACH transactions, and electronic checks. Even the popular holiday gift cards can be sold at your dispensary, thanks to Sprout Processing. You must acquire Sprout Processing to get a head start on the holidays and have your most significant Cyber Monday in 2022. Sprout Processing allows for fully compliant debit and credit card processing for the cannabis industry. We not only provide ATMs for dispensaries, but also card processing solutions built for dispensaries.

Dashboard reviewing compliant credit card processing for dispensaries.

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