Why You Need the Ability to Digitally Refund Cannabis Payments

March 3, 2024
credit card payments system for recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensaries

Having a fair and thorough dispensary return policy is crucial to gaining client trust, especially if you operate in regions like Colorado, California, or New Jersey that allow store returns. The cannabis e-commerce platform Sprout Processing offers dispensary clients a safe and legal means to provide refunds on their purchases. Dispensaries are impacted by state regulations. However, customers who are satisfied with a company's refund policy are more likely to return and spend more money at that dispensary. Dispensaries can offer expedited digital cannabis refunds and payments with Sprout Processing that go directly to the customer's bank account.

How effective is a simplified refund procedure?

The majority of customers research return policies before making a purchase. Consumers are likely to buy from a business again if they have a positive return experience. Additionally, a majority of customers check a company's return policy before making a purchase. Budtenders understand that marijuana affects each person differently, especially those trying new strains and products. Customers can shop without anxiety if you offer them a refund or store credit for their purchases.

It goes without saying how crucial it is for businesses to provide excellent customer service. One essential component of that is a hassle-free returns' policy. 96% of consumers believe that a company's return policies reflect its customer value.

Gaining additional power in unforeseeable situations

The coronavirus reminded us that unforeseen issues could happen at any time. The pandemic had a significant negative impact on businesses, and those effects are still being felt today. Manufacturers of cannabis continue to experience problems with the supply chain across all sectors. Some consumables are taking longer to produce than usual due to issues with the supply chain. If you can make things right for your consumer when something goes wrong, you must do it. With Sprout Processing, you can digitally refund a consumer who ordered a product online but it's unavailable. Prompt service will be remembered much more than a dispensary that runs out of a particular product.

In addition, reversing payments as opposed to refunding them can be advantageous.

Reversing payments makes it easier to reimburse clients using a marijuana payment processor like Sprout Processing. Credit cards cannot be used in the cannabis industry, but a credit card processor can still deduct the amount from a customer's credit line after verifying their account and funds. Those monies do not, however, move straight away from their account to your business account. Companies are usually paid by credit processors in batches according to a set schedule. As a result, the funds are left unliquidated, allowing managers to profit from reversing payments. Reversed charges are not credited to the dispensary's account; they are deducted from the customer's credit line.

Cannabis payment reversals with Sprout Processing are less expensive and quicker than cash refunds. A dispensary can avoid merchant fees by canceling the transaction before the money clears. Within 24 hours, a voided purchase is removed from the customer's statement. Refund processing may take three to five days.

Monitoring balances can be pretty straightforward.

If your dispensary only accepts cash, having a return policy may make it harder to keep track of the money going in and out. Therefore, why not collaborate with a marijuana payment processor to handle the labor-intensive tasks? Sprout Processing aims to be a leader in cannabis payments and e-commerce, offering more features for clients and budtenders. Sprout Processing allows dispensaries to use conventional banking procedures without contact, thanks to the support of the industry's leading compliance-based banking program. Sproutt Processing offers fully compliant credit card and debit card processing for cannabis through Sprout P, a safer and more precise money management method.

Because every payment is carefully documented, business owners may reconcile their finances quickly and easily. Dispensaries clearly see their revenue without having to track charges and deal with significant amounts of cash manually. Use a cannabis payment processing platform to handle tasks for a dispensary, allowing you to focus on growing and expanding your business.

Sprout Processing is on your side.

By partnering with Sprout Processing, your company will have the resources to offer clients the best service and experience. In addition, they will feel secure placing their financial trust in a dispensary that values them. Therefore, why not let Sprout Processing handle your business? Request a demo today to purchase compliant contactless cannabis payments for your company.

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