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March 3, 2024
apple pay payment processing for cannabis dispensary

Numerous aspects of our lives have changed since the worldwide epidemic. It sped up the shift to online ordering, picking, and delivery services in the cannabis market. Making the in-store retail experience beneficial for customers who enter your dispensary is now much more vital than before COVID-19. The latter should offer extra if customers choose between pickup/drop-off and visiting your store. So, how do you go about doing that? Here are a few concepts.

Emphasize Safety

As we reintegrate into society, we are all worried. Even people who feel comfortable going out for a walk will feel reassured when they hear about the measures their business is taking to keep everyone safe. Notices may contain information about the frequency of surface cleaning or any new restrictions regarding physical distancing.

Don't forget to bring up cleanliness. Each station in dispensaries has hand sanitizer for clients and budtenders to use after handling money or other germ-prone goods. You can also use this to promote cashless and contactless payment options for the cannabis industry.

Customers can submit a tip for the budtender right from their tablet or phone. Customers who use Sprout Processing's traditional retail payment method will receive a text message after completing the sale, where they can choose to give a tip to the budtender. Sprout Processing users can show appreciation to their favorite budtenders without using cash or going to an ATM. Sprout Processing offers compliant credit and debit card processing as well as compliant ATM solutions for dispensaries.

From a distance, connective

Visitors to a dispensary are usually greeted with friendly gestures like handshakes, fist bumps, or high-fives, and also have the chance to smell products and look at accessories. These interactions can't go on with less physical contact and less contact with joint surfaces. Social distancing changes how we interact, but it has also highlighted the importance of feeling connected to others, even when we are not together in person.

Budtenders should ask customers how they are doing and genuinely show interest in their well-being. Usually, when people are asked "how are you?", they respond with a simple "fine" without much thought. However, by going beyond this common question, budtenders can encourage customers to provide a more honest response. When you inquire, be genuine and make eye contact. Customers will be happy to have the ability to pay with credit card at your cannabis dispensary.

This can help you build a genuine connection with the customer and identify any unmet product needs. If you're feeling more anxious, uncomfortable with work changes, or having trouble sleeping, it's a good idea to discuss your current medication and how it can be adjusted to help with these new symptoms. The ability to implement at your dispensary, complaint credit card processing, will have customers spending more each visit.

You could want to find out if they are still using the same consumption methods or exploring new substitutes. Be ready to talk about alternatives, doses, and other issues. For example, many customers have reported switching to edibles or tinctures to avoid the possible hazards of an inhaled substance.

Use virtual connections if you like as well. Many people still prefer spending a lot of time online at home, even as restrictions in their state are being eased.If you used virtual meetings, 4:20 hangouts on social media, or video chat apps during the lockdown, you should continue doing so to connect with your community.Our technology enables you to accept Apple Pay and credit card payments at your cannabis store.

Dashboard reviewing compliant credit card processing for dispensaries.

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